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Pre-Medical Facial Treatments

Mandelic Acid                                           60’          6500 ALL

Mandelic Acid comes from bitter almonds. It was introduced in the dermatological use thanks the experiences of first in Latin America, then in the USA, so in Europe, specifically in pomezia (Rome) where he was made the first peeling the mandelic acid.
The molecule of mandelic acid is characterised by a low degree of penetration, which will determine an effective surface action.
Recommended to treat the affected skin from photo-aging, dental shawls, chloasma, elastosi, acne, and for the prevention of skin infections after the use of laser aggressive (resurfarcing).


Esabiopeel                                                  60’          10000 ALL

The Esabiopeel is a medical device of the class-based trichloroacetic acid (TCA), kojic acid, mandelic acid and esa-Peptide-8.
Defined peeling biorivitalizzante is able to slow down the effects of skin ageing intrinsic and extrinsic by stimulating the skin deep, without causing irritation to the surface, able to promote a strong tissue toning, action is also refreshing.
It’s recommended for the treatment of the skins and acneiche to soften and remove scar outcomes and deep stretch marks and middle-superficial.

B.Phasic (Whitening)                                30’            6500 ALL

Base of this treatment is the Glycolic Acid which it is composed of only two carbon atoms, thanks to the very small size of its molecule, has a very high degree of penetration.
Penetrating Deep into the dermis stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize collagen and promotes the production of new cells, accelerating in this way the turn-over cell phone.
Plays A Hydrating Action by increasing the glycosaminoglycans that hold the water thus avoiding excessive skin water dispersion.
Also acts as a regulator of sebaceous secretions as delete the stopper of keratin that forms on the estuary of the follicle sebaceous.
Great carrier of active ingredients that are placed on the skin after the application of the same.
This treatment is recommended to treat hyper-pigmentation, acne, warts and stretch marks.

Peptide Treatment                                        60’          5000 ALL

Peptides are polymers with a basis of amino acids, protein similar, but much smaller in size and are essential roles
In our body.
The DMAE present, with its function of stabilizer of membrane, acts on the muscle contraction n progress a lifting action on the skin.

Esa-Peptide 8 with activities similar to that of botulinum toxin, helps to reduce the tonic contraction of the facial muscles are responsible for the appearance of expression lines.

Other assets in solution: Calendula, green tea and ginseng.

This treatment will visibly rejuvenate and enhance the beauty of your skin. It is suitable for all skin types after 25 years old.

Bio-revitalization Face & Body                         60’          10000 ALL

The line consists of sterile solutions produced for professional use only, veicolabili through microterapia interventions.
With a small device to windy place called (skin injection therapy) inject sotto¬cute the sterile solution more suitable for treating the blemishes of the face and body.
It is definitely one of the most effective therapies dermoplastiche  to fight the ageing of the skin, cellulite, the fatty tissue located and the premature ageing.

Oxygen Therapy                                               60’           10000 ALL

Oxygen facial is an Anti-Age Facial that delivers instant results. Your skin will be smoother, firmer and hydrated leaving you with a radiant glow. Using highly concentrated ingredients to visibly smooth, lift and plump aging skin. This treatment includes pre-peeling acid, pure oxygen infusion, vacuum  lift and facial mask. All skin types treatment.