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Hammam Therapies

Classic Ritual of Hammam                           60’         8500 ALL

This is a ritual belonging to the Anatolian culture. Modified over centuries from the Roman Baths, this ritual has become a Turkish classic. The heat inside the hammam warms up the body and softens the skin, allowing pores to open. Through exfoliation the dead skin layer is removed, allowing the skin to breathe. After exfoliation, a massage is performed with Turkish soap. The gentle massage and the aroma of the soap ensure the body is cleansed, soothed, and relaxed.

Foam Hammam Massage                             30’          5000 ALL

This foam massage is a unique relaxing treatment, applied over the entire body with extensive foam from Turkish soap.

Hammam Peeling                                           30’          4500 ALL

Exfoliation (kese) is the first step of a traditional Turkish bath, which detoxes the skin from materials and relaxes the body by clearing the surface layer.

Black Soap Hammam Peeling                     30’          5000 ALL

Morocco’s famous Black Soap ensures a soft and silky feel to the skin while leaving it looking smooth, shiny, and alive. It also clears dead skin cells and helps prevent blemishes and ingrown hairs.

Sultan Hammam Therapy                            90’          10000 ALL

Hammam is a great way to unwind and give your mind a bit of rest, also encourages physical wellbeing through heat therapy, and soothes the muscles using massage techniques. You’ll emerge from the experience feeling calm, cleansed, and completely rejuvenated. This special therapy includes peeling, foam massage from famous Turkish Olive Soap, hair wash with petal rose water. Our experienced staff will help make your Hammam experience thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable.

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